O Olive: Extra virgin olive oil PDO Messara

O Olive comes from olives of the Koroneiki cultivar and is collected with the personal care of the Kokolaki family in Asimi (a village near Heraklion), Crete. Its low acidity (0.2%), characteristic full flavor and rich texture combined with its spicy and fruity aroma which makes it unique. The fruit of the olive trees is harvested at the start of November by hand and using special machines, so that the fruit is not damaged; at this time of year the olives are still green and contain the vitamins, minerals and polyphenols which are important for the human body. The olives are stored in piles and transported each day to the oil press, where they are cold pressed, i.e. at a temperature no higher than 27oC. O Olive is produced after one month of waiting, and is transferred to glass bottles of 250ml and 500ml, and to metal containers of 2l and 5l. The bottled product has a shelf-life of 18 months and must be stored out of direct sunlight, heat, oxygen and moisture. O Olive is classified as extra virgin olive oil because its acidity does not exceed 0.6%, and as it meets other necessary criteria. Its quality is guaranteed by HACCP and ISO 22000 food checks.

O Olive is rich in fiber and a great source of vitamins. It contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids which are friendly to the body and health. It is cholesterol free.

Useful dietary information:

  • O Olive is suitable for frying as it’s highly resistant to high temperatures.

  • O Olive is ideal as salad dressing and can be added to food after the end of cooking for best taste and health.

  • When added to vegetables, their nutrients are enhanced.

  • O Olive is the perfect substitute for sauces.

  • O Olive can be used as a food preservative.

  • O Olive can be used to make cosmetics and is good for skin care, e.g. in face and body creams

So, cook wonderful sweet and salty treats, both delicious and healthy, with O Olive!

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Protected Designation of Origin

We are proud to say that our excellent product is has a protected designation of origin. Here find attached some further info about the pure nature of our Olive Oil! Click me! map pop